Carbon-Metabolism in Forest Ecosystems

On April 11th and 12th the Faculty of Forestry and the Research Center for Forestry and Wood Industry at the University of Sopron are organizing a workshop about actual forestry research topics.

General lead topic an issue about

Carbon-Metabolism in Forest Ecosystems

 Date: 11. 12. April 2017

Location: Ligneum-Conference Building, University of Sopron; Bajcsy-Zs. u. 4; H-9400 Sopron, Hungary

Organization team: Dr. Peter Rademacher, Prof. Ferenc Lakatos


As a general lead topic an issue about ‘Carbon-Metabolism in Forest Ecosystems’ was chosen to pick up important research topics as work-examples of Hungarian and German institutions from University, Research Institutes and practice. The included subjects are dealing with C-fixation and release in soils and trees as well as general growth-, decay and metabolism problems. 

One of the goals of the workshop was to continue the traditionally good relations between German and Hungarian forestry scientists and practitioners and to renew these contacts for our common future activities!

- Workshop:
- Excursion
- Conference Dinner
Suggestions for accommodation: Pannonia Hotel; University Dormitory

Actual list of presentations, titles, authors and contributions under discussion or requested