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Megnevezés Placement in Portugal - Internship Opportunities for students (new!)

Placement in Portugal is a recruitment & placement organisation based in Lisbon, whose aim is to provide young ınternational professionals with mobility program internships in Portuguese companies.

Since 2012, they have helped over 500 students and recent graduates find internships. At this moment, the organisation collaborates with several companies in Portugal which allocate international trainees from many fields of study.

How do they work?

  • In the majority of cases, they receive applications on their website from students who are eligible for the Erasmus + Scholarship;
  • They schedule interviews with them in order to know their goals for the internship, their needs and to give them information related to the companies;
  • They help the candidates during the process, with the bureaucracy and other needs regarding their stay during the internship in Portugal;
  • Their services are free of charge for candidates.


They would like to allocate more students in Portuguese NGO’s, Startups and Companies for win-win-win experiences, as they have several placement opportunities open that can prove to be ideal for students. Placement in Portugal helps them finding an internship in Portugal, in the whole bureaucratic process and during their stay in Portugal.

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